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  10. How can a woman change from a judging mode that happens during dating to a submissive wife mode. It's very difficult. It's a blessing when the father decides for her. This makes it easy to go from being a trusting submissive daughter to a trusting submissive wife.
  12. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Sep 3 - 19:42 | reply to this comment
  13. I don't want to be broken or destroyed
  14. I think dominance can be taken too far, and the idea of wanting to be broken by a man strikes me as decidedly offputting. I don't want to be with a man who wants to break me or destroy me or anything like that, it is a thoroughly unattractive idea to me. i'd much rather be with one who likes me (with slight modifications) as I am!
  16. by Louise C on 2004 Sep 3 - 20:39 | reply to this comment
  17. Why A Woman Would Want to Be Spanked
  18. I agree with some of what each of you has said thus far. Each of us comes to a relationship with very individualized thoughts and feelings that have grown within us over our lifetime. There is no right or wrong when we enter into a loving relationship with our life partner. As long as that relationship is built upon open communication, trust, and deep love, each for the other, the relationship will thrive.
  20. As women, I believe that we feel differently about discipline at various times in our lives dependent upon our age, our marital status, circumstances, etc... Sometimes it is hard to accept, other times we crave more.
  22. Speaking solely for myself, I have chosen to be submissive and obedient to my husband. This was not decided for me; I'm a college educated woman who made a clearly informed decision. My husband did not approach me and advise that he was in charge of me and that it was his way or the highway. It was/is a choice that I find benefits me, my husband and our relationship. I brought it to him.

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