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  12. I got to her house we ended up in bed. My gosh she broke me off she was fucking me like no tomorrow she mad me cum three to 4 time all night she mad me cum with her riding on top and after I came she demanded I a serious tone DONT YOU DARE PULL OUT so turned on I didnt she squeeze my soft dick with her pussy muscles til I caughr another boner and I was arouse by this and carryed on fucking her hard and fast she did this everytime I blew my load inside her and that gents waa the all time best sex ive ever had I thought she was a goddess but afterwards I came to the conclusion that maybe after all this abstinence is maybe the reason why I had the best sex ever sooo maybe abstinence makes for a better sexaul experience as a poses to my normal pumping away trying to achieve orgasm
  14. Mentisafer July 2, 2013 at 9:48 pm
  15. The last comment gotta be the proof for evolution, he is the lost link to the neanderthal.
  16. By the way, just sharing my experience, I am on day 10th today and I’m over 30. I notice after a week normally I don’t feel aroused if I’m not thinking about it, but I do notice my sexual energy is loaded, but by lack of habitual practice I don’t feel that horney in a genital way; if I release by sex or wank, I don’t even enjoy it, until I repeat several times after that, then I do enjoy it.