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  11. Surely we should be supporting one another in finding ways to survive and thrive after terrible experiences like rape (assuming those ways do not harm others, of course), not making one another feel bad for not remaining a complete wreck for life! Think how sick such a position is! Remaining in the state of mind of a victim ruins lives! If fantasising about rape, or enacting (consensual) approximations of rape helps some women, whatever is wrong with that?!
  13. (This is all assuming that this is what leads women to desire such experiences. In fact, as I understand it, many women fantasise about being raped, and by no means all of those women have actually been raped.)
  15. With regard to the poster's question about victims of the Nazis, there is of course the phenomenon of victims of abuse developing or maintaining ‘love’ for their abusers, but nothing anyone has said on the rape threads here seems to be about that phenomenon.
  16. However, it is a fact that some of the victims of the Nazis did continue ‘relationships’ they had been coercively drawn into by their Nazi abusers. Some of these post-war relationships were no doubt harmful and unhealthy, but in some cases, the post-war part of the relationship enabled the victim to work through the issues and regain her psychological power and strength. Would it be wrong to do that? Surely not?! Shouldn't your judgement of whether or not someone reenacting X, Y, or Z under safe, loving conditions needs psychiatric help depend at least partly on the state of mind of the person? If it is part of a rational process of laying terrible psychological demons to rest, or otherwise gives her joy, why is that ipso facto a Bad Thing? Why is that automatically a case for psychiatry? I find this an inexplicable, rather hysterical, and deeply twisted position to take, but feel free to put me straight!