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  9. I’m, just saying.
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  13. 63Susan Walsh September 4, 2010 at 6:08 pm
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  15. Thanks, that’s a very interesting comment. I too was shocked when I read that article this morning. 250K in debt? Wow. It’s actually pretty straightforward to assess the risks of that – and you’re right, they’re considerable. On the other hand, a woman (or man) in debt from medical school is going to be in much better shape than the woman who incurred 170K in debt studying photography. I do think a long-term view is required, assuming that you’re actually in love with the person. Most troubling about the woman whose fiance broke it off was her concerted effort to remain ignorant of her own mounting obligations, just paying the minimum each month and ignoring the rest. She demonstrated there that she would be terrible at managing a household budget, or denying herself things that she couldn’t afford. On that basis alone, I’d say her fiance was wise to bail.
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  17. FWIW, my husband and I both had sizable student loans when we got married. Don’t know if that makes it easier or harder.
  19. 64Susan Walsh September 4, 2010 at 6:19 pm
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  21. You may have missed it, but in recent threads the women have been talking about intellect being sexy. Is it enough by itself? No, but for many of us it’s a definite major plus. In fact, very intelligent women do not want to compromise on this question – the genes for intelligence are the ones that matter more than any other for them, and by extension, their offspring.
  22. So, a scientist or computer programmer who is amiable and friendly, has interests outside his work, demonstrates good character, etc. will be extremely well positioned, in my view. Especially with those of us who like The Professor :-) (Note: the meaning of “etc.” will vary among women.)
  23. Also, there’s no question that it’s getting cooler and cooler to be in technology. Social media superstars are guys who are usually exactly the kind of men you describe. A guy who goes to do technical stuff for Google right out of college? He’s in a better position with women than the high school quarterback in sales for a machinery company.
  25. 65Susan Walsh September 4, 2010 at 6:42 pm
  26. there are far and away more guys working in the Trades than in the STEM fields.
  28. Is this because guys in the trades have an easier time overall getting women? In other words, do a disproportionate number of STEM guys come online for information about dating?
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