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  15. by amba_k on 2004 Nov 12 - 22:47 | reply to this comment
  16. Survival of the Species
  17. Without getting into a theological discussion, perhaps the best description of *godless alternative lifestyles* constitutes anything which, over time, is not conducive to the procreation and raising of children. That said, it is not to say that everyone must get married or have children. However, those who couple should do so in a heterosexual and permanent basis in relative domestic tranquility.
  19. Nevertheless, regardless of individual preferences and practices, traditional taken in hand relationships are premised on an arrangement that facilitates the creation, protecting, and nurturing of young. Attempts to deviate from that prescription have not been shown to produce any better results over time. In biology, it is called survival of the species.
  21. Since, absent some fanciful belief in a *magic mud puddle*, all life was created by a force greater than ourselves whom we call God, then significant variations in lifestyle from tried and true practices may be thought of as godless and alternative.
  23. by Noone on 2004 Nov 15 - 16:09 | reply to this comment
  24. This is the first article I'v
  25. This is the first article I've read on this website which truly disappointed me. I appreciate the intent of examining the positive side of monogamy. But I wish the author had stuck to a positive message.
  27. To me this reads a bit like a proud mother who can't conceive of a couple being childless by choice and being happy and content with that. To her, marriage isn't happy and fulfilling without children.
  29. Maybe said mother would do better to concentrate on what makes her happy having children, and not try to prove the virtues of motherhood by running down couples who choose not to have children.
  31. Just a thought.
  33. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2005 Feb 25 - 02:07 | reply to this comment
  34. Limited Understanding of Polyamory and Jealousy
  35. You condemn polyamory, but the way you describe it suggests that you don't really have a full understanding of the way it works. Since you seem to be drawing from a few anecdotal experiences, I'll do the same.

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