From Unknown, 10 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  10. Me:  ”Stop making excuses.”
  12. Shuttlesworth: “Excuses are the tools of the incompetent.”
  14. Me: “Exactly.  So, why are you making excuses?  You’re not incompetent?  At least I don’t think you are.   Just turn your head and open them.”
  16. Shuttlesworth:  ”Man, I’m hungry.”
  18. He never opens them.  They eventually leave.  We just eat our food and don’t open any chicks at Ihop.  Dr. Know It All and I do notice some other chicks eyeing us at a table across the way, but before we could make a move on them, two other dudes approach them.  We watched and paid attention to their game.  Dr. Know It All thought they had solid game, but I thought they were pretty lame.  I mean, I heard them say shit like “we don’t have anybody to sit with, we feel lonely, can we just sit with y’all?  We won’t touch y’all or bother y’all, we just want someone to sit with.”
  20. I thought that was a lame line, but somehow it did work and the girls moved over and let them sit there.
  22. Anyway, regardless of all of that, the real point of the night is not Ihop or my lucky shirt (although it did help, lol), but the fact that I decided to actually go for numbers again, rather than just let bitches walk away.  Logistics aren’t always there to bounce a chick somewhere, especially if she’s with a large group of friends or waiting on her friends, so sometimes settling for the number isn’t such bad idea.  I’ve come to accept that many numbers are likely to be flakes, but that’s fine, I’ll just keep collecting them.  If 1 out of 5 actually turns into a date or some sort of future plans (about the ratio I’m running on with phone numbers and flakes this year), then that’s not so bad.  Better than not getting those 5 numbers, I guess.
  24. Back to collecting numbers.  I guess I could use them to work on my texting game.  I’m going to start saving chicks in various categories…. a category based on the city they reside in, a category based on the month I met them, etc.  (credit to Paul the King for this idea), but basically I’m just going to collect numbers and categorize them in groups in my phone that I can use to mass text for various reasons at various points in time.
  26. Also, just the fact that I’m getting numbers again, gives me a bit of a confidence boost.  Even if most of them do flake and go nowhere, by the time they flake I forgot what most of them looked like anyway (hard to remember from week to week when you approach 5-10 sets a night on average.)