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  10. Just to clarify, no woman thinks that she's going to hear real emotion from a one-night stand or hookup. This post is meant to address what women want in relationships. Guys are less practiced at those than ever, so my objective was to offer support – here's how to make a woman happy if you really care about her. And no woman wants an emasculated slave – I cited that as a stereotype, not an accurate description of what women want. I know the other stereotype I offered is also untrue – that men want nothing but sex. Mature men and women do want the same things, it's just about communicating enough to meet in the middle.
  12. 15Duck Man July 15, 2009 at 7:51 am
  13. I know Susan, I was messing with you. My apologies. Although I think no name could stand a stern warning as well. Not nice to point a shot gun at the customers and call me a duckwad.
  15. I was merely contrasting the premise of the post with the stereotype. Tell her what she wants to hear and these are the seven things she wants to hear, if you want sex and the seven things seem like a worship service to me. And that isn’t wanting a slave? Maybe not emasculated, but a slave or a worshipper.
  17. My question is, can’t she come to the alter with the urge, why all the tell me I’m wonderful stuff? After all, it is a one night stand. Just questioning and curious.
  19. And also, I’ve already written an entire post on this subject, quoted you and linked you in the post. Why? Well because I think otherwise you’re pretty funning in a good way, smart and have a good style. Really. I mean it.
  21. 16susanawalsh July 15, 2009 at 1:01 pm
  22. OK, thanks Duck Man, we'll call it a truce. I did see your post, and I appreciate the link – all publicity is good, as long as one has a thick skin.
  24. 17Audubon Ron July 15, 2009 at 1:23 pm
  25. Roger that good buddy. You're on my reader and I stand watch for more.
  27. BTW, men are pressured by their fishing buddies (peer pressure) not have a relationship with a girl in fear of losing the fishing buddy? Umm, I'll have to think that one through. Not so sure that's preventable. Let me see, fishing/girl, fishing/girl. Girl wins!
  29. We marry. We then call fishing buddy and say, “We're back in action baby. Let's go fish'in.” She says, “When-ya-com'in hu-ome?” He says, “When ya see me com'in through the door.”
  31. Ahmygoodness, whole nuther blog on how to be married.
  33. 18VJ July 20, 2009 at 9:36 pm