From Unknown, 4 Months ago, written in Plain Text.
  11. She raises her head up off of my lap and looks at me. Im trapped in between her arms, I give the triangle gaze and we kiss. I try to take a step back again, but she won't let me move. We exchange a long gaze again, we make-out some more. I'm in a position where it would look like I'm trying too hard if I attempt to remove any clothing from her. We make-out some more, I bite and kiss her neck some. I can hear her moaning. I tell her that she really should get going. She insists that we make out some more. Now I know that all of you guys are thinking "FUCK HER! FUCK HER!", but from hearing her life story, I knew it wasn't going to happen that night and I knew it would happen very soon anyway,and like a player, I show no desperation for the pussy. (If she shot me down, which she would have, I would just come off as a pushy guy trying to get into her pants, and she'd never agree to be alone again. She might have also written me off as a one night stand, which I didn't want, since I actually like her. (See David Shades post about having sex during the first time you're alone)
  13. She keeps saying "I have to go home, I gotta get up soooo early." Yet, she wouldn't get off of my lap. Everytime I pulled back from a kiss, she would just look at me, expecting me to come back in for a kiss. This continues for about 20 minutes. I eventually tell her that she has to go (no point in getting myself all worked up if I knew sex wasn't going to happen.). End of FR.
  15. On a side note, I really like this girl. We actually have a ton in common, and her personailty is just awesome. First girl out of the hundreds I've gamed that I genuinely feel attracted to. How good is she? She dated a football player that plays for the Denever Broncos and broke up with him. Shes the best kisser I've met in five years (nice plump lips). She's a hot italian (I have an italian fetish), but she doesn't have your typical hotbody. She's a little bigger (not fat, just thick, the way I like 'em). Great Smile, can cook, and she has a good heart. Why she is still single is beyond me. She's also okay with my friends and me going out with them to do what we do (practice pick up). I might have to date this girl exclusively. So far, she seems like one of those greats that only come along two-three times in your life.
  16. ----
  18. Nothing special, but I started out when i saw a girl who was obviously looking for the same room as me (if you goto OSU,you know what mazes some of these buildings can be.), so I told her to follow me. Opened her up with a joke about it, and led her on a wild goose chase (taking her places where I knew the room wouldn't be and she did too, but followed anyway.).
  20. We finally found the room, and I walk in like I own the place (straight up the middle aisle, slowly, right in the middle of class since we couldn't find the room on time.). The teacher starts to bullshit us, and keeps asking us "So why do you think you have to take Physics?". He shoots down every response, so like the jackass I am, I yell out "So the school can make more money!". Immediately, the class bursts out in laughter. He's really nerdy looking, so he was obviously uncomfortable being laughed at.